Thursday, July 16, 2009

Smoothie Anyone?

The Top 7 Reasons Why Smoothies Can Help You Lose Weight, Boost Your Energy Levels and Create Vibrant Health


By Kevin Gianni - Health Advocate and Author


1. Smoothies deliver a power-packed, slam dunk of nutrients


Smoothies, pound for pound, are some of the most nutrient dense meals. A green smoothie with some fruit and berries can deliver more antioxidants and phytonutrients than most meals eaten by the majority of people around the world. It's also easier to digest, since a good blender will break up the plant fibers for better absorption.


By preparing a smoothie every morning, you can start off your day with the protection of antioxidants, an incredible array of vitamins and nutrients, as well as get the energy and calories you need to go on with you day without getting hunger pangs an hour after your first meal.


2. Anyone can use a blender and make something that tastes awesome.


Yes, this is true. Even the most culinary-challenged individuals can dump smoothie ingredients into a blender and turn it on to make a great tasting smoothie. This applies to kids as well!


Kids and adults alike love the process of blending together their favorite ingredients for an awesome tasting concoction.


QUICK TIP: Adding bok choy or spinach into a fruit smoothie is a great way to sneak some greens into a child's diet!


3. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to create your own recipes.


This isn't like baking where everything needs to be just right.


Like I've already said, anyone can use a blender, but this tip means that you don't have to be overly creative in order to build your own smoothie.


For anyone just starting, usually I'll tell them get some of your favorite fruits and vegetables and start playing around. You'll be amazed at what you come up with.


4. They take literally minutes to prepare (sometimes less!)


The fastest smoothie I've ever made was about 45 seconds (Yes, I timed it!). This can do wonders for your time management!


Studies have shown that most people stress about money and not having enough time in the day. Smoothies can literally buy you 30 minutes or so in the morning--or whenever you choose to make one--so you can get to the things that really matter.


5. They taste amazing.


I may sound like a broken record here, but when done right a great smoothie can transport you to a tropical island or give you the mental clarity of Einstein-ian proportions.


6. They can help detoxify your system.


There are many non-organic and industrial pollutants in our environment that can be the cause of various aliments. So it's extremely important to detox your system to avoid build up of toxic materials.


Adding fruits and herbal tinctures or powders to your smoothies can help the body detox. This is a great way to take many tinctures or powders without having to taste them (some taste notoriously awful, if you ever get a chance try the herb andrographis and you'll know what I mean!).


Many fruits alone are detoxifying, so just making a fruit smoothie can have detoxifying effects on your body.


7. They are fun!


It's hard to think of a meal that is actually fun to make, fun to eat and fun to share. Smoothies happen to be one of those meals!


Every day you can pick new ingredients and try new mixes to create endless recipes and tastes. They're a perfect addition a meal plan that is stagnant and boring and that is not getting you any noticeable results.


With all these reasons and literally dozens more, it's easy to understand why smoothies will work for you.


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David Liddle. said...

My wife and I have a fruit or veggie smoothie almost every day, either for or with our breakfast. Soetimes it's as simple as a banana and an orange blended with a cup of water. Other times it is whatever we have in the garden added to a banana, or an orange, or an apple, or . . and other times it is vegatables - whatever we have an abundance of at the time. We use or Vita Mix to make it. Love it. Thank you. David.