Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!!!

Enjoy Your Day!!!!!!

Enjoy your family, eat healthy food, I'm 100% Raw and loving every minute of it.  Be creative with your meals!!!!  

Thank you to all those that serve our Country, my Grandpa especially!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

10 Day Master Cleanse Journal

Tuesday, 5/12/09 
Day 1:  I started the day with the salt water flush.  This is the hardest part of the cleanse.  Once that's over I'm good to go.  Today I installed a light in the kitchen, mopped the kitchen and half bath, home schooled the kids, grocery shopped, stopped by the post office, made green drink for the kids breakfast. I also made Raw whipped cream for a lunch time fruit parfait for the kids, and made Kale Chips.  I drank 6 glasses of the Lemonade Drink (Lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup, water) throughout the day.  I had 5 glasses of water (70 oz).  Before bed I drank one glass of  the Herbal Laxative Tea "Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move".  I was a little tired today around 7 p.m. but I stayed up till 2 a.m. last night.  My day was very productive, I wanted to eat fruit today, I craved it.  The kids said the green drink was really good, I really missed having that as well.  I'm looking forward to another day, I have many projects to complete and when you remove eating from your day you have lots of extra time!!!  I'm going to use it wisely!!!

Wednesday, 5/13/09
Day 2:  Did the salt water flush, showered, got dressed.  Made green drink for the kids,  and for lunch a raw oatmeal for the kids,  drank lots of water about 50 to 70 ounces.  Had 6 cups of the lemonade drink.  Home schooled the kids and cleaned the porch, the central vac and made raw tortilla's, raw oatmeal cookies and raw carmelized onions.  The kale chips I made yesterday the whole family loved!!  I will make more tomorrow.  I have not had much of a craving for food today, I've been at peace, getting lots done and still have more to do.  Doing the cleanse is difficult because I already eat 100% Raw and I miss fresh fruit and veggies.  Here are the reasons I'm doing the cleanse:  To detoxify my colon and all other organs, to give my body a break from the work of digestion, to clear up my skin (Bare Minerals Makeup has done a job on my face).  I'm not trying to loose more weight, I just need toning which will come from consistent work outs.  I have done the master cleanse 3 times now, I love the way I feel while doing the cleanse, it's just that once you start it, then you begin to crave all raw food and because you know it's the healthiest for you, you think, "well, I don't need the cleanse".  But, I'm not traveling the next 8 days so I'm sticking with it.  8 Days to go!!!

Thursday, 5/14/09
Day 3:  Well, I woke up feeling like I had a sore throat and a tight head, almost like I was coming down with a head cold.  I don't get sick being 100% raw, but I do know when my body is fighting something.  I think these are detox symptoms as well as the weather being very warm then cold and rainy.  I had about 7 cups of Lemonade drink, lots of water and felt great besides my day long headache.  I don't get headaches often, so when I have one it's noticeable.  I have 7 days left and I'm ready for each day.  Today I made a delicious green drink for the kids, they had raw oatmeal for a late lunch again and for dinner I made the families favorite, a baby bok choy salad.  I enjoyed the aroma of everything, but that was about it.  I seem to make the best foods when I do the Master Cleanse.  My family is very supportive, they let me smell their food and they try their best to describe the taste and the different textures.  So, I just taste through their descriptive words.  Today, I went to have an estimate on the car, went to the post office and then the bank.  I washed two loads of clothes and did school work with the kids.  Tomorrow is test day!!!  I feel great just don't know whats going on with my head, but I will be fine.  Lots of energy, full of love and ready for God's will to be done.  Try the Master Cleanse it really is awesome.  We spend too much time thinking about food, preparing food and then recovering from the food we ate.  Give your body a break!  I am!!

Friday, 5/15/09
Day 4:  Today was great very productive, no headache, I feel much better today.  The cleanse is going well, I'm looking forward to the next 6 days.  I had 7 cups of the lemonade drink and lots of water today, went for a walk with the kids and went bike riding.  I like to list things that I make for the family to show you that you can prepare food for the family and do the Master Cleanse.  I seem to make the best meals when I do the Master Cleanse, I'm even more creative and I always try new recipes that I even miss out on.  I enjoy hearing my family say how much they enjoy the food.  Today I made green drink for the kids, they had the remaining marinated bok choy for lunch (from dinner last night), some of the oatmeal cookies and for a snack a delicious smoothie that I made popsicles out of as well.  For dinner, I made mock "chicken" salad and put it on romaine lettuce, I put slices of cucumber and tomato around the plate.  The family loved it!  The same recipe will make a mock "tuna" salad just by changing some seasonings.  That recipe is on my blog already! I'm going to watch a movie then go to bed.  Thank you for sharing this time with me.

Saturday, 5/15/09
Day 5:
Got up did some stretching, had the salt water flush, ran out of lemons, had to go pick up a loaner car and went grocery shopping.  I did not have lemonade drink until afternoon.  I was fine, had my first lemonade drink at 12:44 p.m.  Went out house looking for 3 hours made three cups of lemonade drink to hold me down.  I was fine no hunger at all.  Lots of energy, no cravings either.  At about 7 p.m. I made a lemonade drink and  did some reading.  I will have my Smooth Move tea before bed and start day 6 in the morning!!   Try the Master Cleanse, do your body some good!!!! 

Sunday, 5/16/09
Day 6:
Thanked God for allowing me to see another day, did the salt water flush, got ready for church, then made three servings of the Lemonade Drink to last me until I returned home.  I had 7 lemonade drinks and lots of water, finished the night on the couch chillaxing (chilling and relaxing).   That is very difficult for me, but I did it, and even played Bible Monopoly with the kids.  It is hard for me to relax because I'm always thinking of what needs to be done.  Today was difficult for me after church because I really wanted to eat with the family and I was tired of making the best raw food for the family that I could not enjoy.  I made my first raw corn chips, they were fabulous, I will post my recipe for that!!!  The family enjoyed those with raw "mock" chicken salad served on top or just ate them alone.  I did not make salsa but I will next time.  Before I started this cleanse, Mother's Day weekend, I made my first Raw Pizza, with italian sausage walnut "mock" meat, it was fabulous.  I can not wait to make that again.  Four days left and counting.  Time to have the smooth move tea.

Monday, 5/18/09
Day 7:
Today I started with the salt water flush, and got to work immediately, taking care of business before the kids woke up, washed 6 loads of laundry.  I had my first Lemonade drink around 11 a.m., I forgot about it.  During the cleanse your tongue will begin to turn white, that is a sign that the cleanse is working.  When your tongue returns back to normal that is when you should end the cleanse.  My tongue this time around has not gotten as white as it did the last time I did the cleanse.  I'm only going 10 days, I have a Vita Mix show to do in Michigan and it's Memorial Day weekend and I'm ready to eat some fruit and veggies.  Today I home schooled the kids all day, with breaks here and there like grocery shopping, a bank run, naps.  I had 7 cups of the lemonade drink and lots of water and finished the day with the smooth move tea.  For the family, I made green drink, delicious looking salads with organic romaine lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, my very own sun dried tomato dressing, and chicken salad on top.  I added some of my carmellized onions made in the dehydrator.  My hubby said they taste like craisins.  What?!?  They are onions marinated in Nama Shoyu and Agave, then dehydrated until dry, pop those babies in the refrigerator and they get hard and crunchy perfect for your next soup or salad.  I've taken lots of pictures of all theses great things I've made that I can not enjoy while doing the cleanse, I will post them for you to enjoy.   I'm going to have my tea and go to bed.  NYC is calling at 5 a.m.!  Day 7 done!!!

Tuesday, 5/19/09
Day 8:
Up at 5 a.m. for a while then went back to sleep around 6 a.m. got up at 9 a.m.  Homeschooled the children, made green drink, oatmeal for a late lunch and a delicious marinated salad for dinner.  I also made raw ice cream, kale chips and a chocolate sauce for the ice cream.  All raw vegan cuisine of course.  I could not tell you how any of it taste, but the family enjoyed it.  I'm doing well on the Master Cleanse, eager to be done now.  I can not wait to take my first bite into some fruit.  I've experienced slight detox systems like stuffy nose, headache and of course a white tongue.  This morning I had to clear my throat a few times, it seemed to be mucous that wanted out.  I could tell that my body had rested and fasted through the night and was working on expelling toxins.  Once I drink the lemonade drink I feel much better.  I have also had slight abdominal cramps in the morning from the Smooth Move Tea the night before, but after drinking the salt water flush I'm fine.  I'm tired now, I've had my Smooth Move tea and will turn in for the night.  Day 9 tomorrow, I'm almost to the finish line!!!

Wednesday, 5/20/09
Day 9:  Got up at 5 a.m. worked until 8 a.m., had the salt water flush and two cups of the lemonade drink, went back to sleep and woke up at 10:30 a.m.  Made green drink for the kids breakfast, started homeschooling.  The kids and I made a run to the gas station, Whole Foods and the car dealership.  We returned home, finished homeschooling and the kids played outside.  Today we ran into an older gentleman in NJ picking wild edibles on the side of the road.  Being the people person that I am, I stopped and asked what he was picking.  They just so happened to be dandelion greens.  He uses them to make tea, I told him I use the same greens form Organic Markets to make Green Drinks.  I know have a spot to pick free dandelion greens, but they just aren't organic.  I'm not sure I will pick them from that spot.  The cleanse is going great, I am experiencing more detox systems than I have in the past when doing the cleanse.  My detox systems include, temporary congestion, headaches, and sore throats.  None of the symptoms are present during the day, just late at night and early morning.  I would highly suggest working out when doing the cleanse.  This is the one thing missing from my Raw lifestyle.  Sweating on a regular basis at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes will help you to remove toxic build ups, improve circulation and strengthen you bones and  muscles.  While doing the Master Cleanse you feel great and you can definitely exercise.  One more day to go!! Today I had 8 cups of the lemonade drink and lots of water.  I'm so ready to eat.  Day 10 tomorrow.

Thursday, 5/21/09
Day 10:
I made it!!!  Today is going great, I was up at 5 a.m. and cleaned the entire house, paid some bills and homeschooling the kids.  I thought I'd round up my receipts and let you know just how much you can spend for a 10 day master cleanse.  I did not need to purchase the sea salt (about $4.00), the Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move Tea ( about $5.00, I had a whole box) or the organic cayenne pepper, I buy it in bulk it's much cheaper.  I did however need Maple Syrup Grade B organic and organic lemons.  For ten days I spent $18.96 on lemons and $77.25 on the maple syrup.  The cleanse this time around cost $96.21.   I use a water distiller, I only drink steam distilled water.  You do need purified or filtered water during the cleanse.  If you do not have a water purifying system by steam distilled bottled water and pour into a glass container as soon as possible.  So, you may have the extra cost of the water as well, approximately 1 to 1 1/2 gallons per day.  I will update you on the rest of my day soon!  Time for glass 3 of the lemonade drink.  I had 7 glasses of lemonade drink, I  worked out on the rebounder for 30 minutes, took a jog and went bike riding  with the kids.  I should have worked out the whole cleanse, it felt so good.  I went to the grocery store, the bank, got gas and stopped by the library.  I also stood and  prepared delicious raw cuisine for 4 hours, I just sat down at 10:30 p.m.  I made a raw ravioli with a delicious cashew cheese, I also helped my daughter prepare her debut video.  She made raw chocolate chip cookies, my son was the videographer.  He did a great job.  I'm making lots of food to eat  for the weekend trip to Michigan.  I'm making california rolls, so I marinated shitake mushrooms, my daughter made spinach and advacodo soup, I saved some for me to have after the cleanse.   Now, when ending the cleanse you must have only fresh orange juice on day 11.  You should also take a probiotic to replace healthy bacteria lost while doing the cleanse.  On Day 12 you can start with a vegetable soup, a salad or a fruit salad.  On Day 13 you can resume normal eating, but I would strongly recommend eliminating meat and dairy products from your diet.  

Thank you for reading my Master Cleanse Journal, it's been my pleasure to share my experience with you.  Try the Master Cleanse you will enjoy the freedom of not being addicted to food for at least 10 days, cleanse all of your organs and loose some weight if you'd like.  The Master cleanse cleans all of your organs and gives your body a break from having to work so hard to constantly digest foods that have no nutrients.  The Master Cleanse, it does the body a world of Good.  

I'm Done until next time!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Master Cleanse Time, Again!!

I'm starting the Master Cleanse Today!!!  10 days no food!!!  It is truly wonderful not to depend on food and to have more time in the day!

For 10 days I will drink a delicious lemonade drink made with lemons, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water.  It completely takes away hunger and cleanses every organ in my body.

Scroll down to read about the many benefits of the Master Cleanse, you'll want to start your own!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothes Day!!!

My Mother raised 4 kids alone, for 14 years!!!  She did an awesome job!!!! 

 The rewards of Motherhood are not immediate, but hard work and a heart for your children will pay off tremendously in due time.

Enjoy you day!!!!


Monday, May 4, 2009

Microwaved Food = Radiation, Stress, Increased Risk of Disease

The most significant study on microwaved food was done in Switzerland in 1992 by Dr. Hans Hertel, a Swiss food scientist. He was also a participant in the study, which included 7 others. All of whom stayed within the same hotel on the same macrobiotic diet for 8 weeks with no smoking, drinking or other consumption of food. The blood of the participants was tested before consuming anything and after consuming each type of food tested: raw food, cooked food and microwaved food.

Food from the microwave oven caused abnormal changes, representing stress, to occur in the blood of all the test individuals. But the same foods cooked conventionally did not generate abnormal changes. Hertel pointed out that these changes were typical of the beginnings of such chronic metabolic diseases as cancer and heart disease. In particular, Hertel discovered that microwaving food:

  • Increased bad cholesterol levels,
  • Decreased the numbers of red blood cells carrying oxygen,
  • Decreased the amount of hemoglobin, the substance in the blood that carried oxygen, and
  • Produced compounds created by radiation unknown in nature.

Hertel believes his study suggests that cholesterol may rapidly increase in the blood due to stress. He added, "Blood cholesterol levels are less influenced by the cholesterol content of food than by stress factors. Such stress-causing factors can occur in foods which contain no cholesterol — the microwaved vegetables." In other words, eating good raw butter may not raise cholesterol levels in a healthy person as much as eating organic vegetables cooked in a microwave.

Test results were consistently on the lower range of normal in those who were tested following the eating of the microwaved samples showing anemic tendencies. The situation became even more pronounced during the second month of the study. And along with the decreasing blood values was an increase in bad cholesterol. "We can only imagine the pronounced negative changes that might occur in the bloodstreams of people who consume various microwaved foods day in and day out," Hertel said.

This is not so surprising considering that the way microwaves heat food. Electromagnetic force is used to alternate the magnetic orientation of the water molecules one billion times per second or more. It is this furious action that causes the water to heat up. It also changes the nature of the substances involved.

In an October 1994 letter about the ill effects of microwaving food, Hertel said:

"I always marvel at people who know that microwaves are hazardous to life, but still use them. That goes for you, too. So why do you ask this question [about whether your illness was created or worsened by microwaved food]? Is it because you are still looking for arguments to continue using the microwave? [The study results on microwaved food] are hard facts, aren't they? But I have already answered dozens of such letters from mothers using microwave ovens to heat baby food for their babies, which had already contracted leukemia, but the mothers were still not prepared to refrain from using these deadly ovens because they are so practical and convenient, as they claim.

"If you, dear friend, love your body and your life, then stop it...."


"Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness."

Hippocrates, 460-377 BC
Father of Western Medicine








Saturday, May 2, 2009

Raw Vegan "Uncooking" Class

This class is held at the Common Market in Frederick, MD 

What's on the Menu?  Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner:  A Day in the Life of a Raw Vegan

Learn quick, healthy ways to prepare simple, delicious and very satisfying raw meals!!!

Date:  June 13, 2009

Time:  12 - 2 p.m.

Cost: $25.00

Place:  Community Room
Please call the store to reserve your space at 301.663.3416


Happy Saturday!!!!

Make a delicious smoothie and enjoy your day to the fullest!!!!!

I made pesto last night in the Vita Mix, poured it over raw zucchini noodles and enjoyed every bite of the Pesto Pasta!!!  Want the recipe?  Here it is:


1 cup of fresh basil or more
1/2 cup pine nuts or more
3 tbsp olive oil
juice of 1 lemon
2-3 peeled garlic cloves
1/4 tsp salt
pepper to taste

Blend on high, enjoy over shredded zucchini or squash for a delicious Pesto Pesto Pasta!!!!