Friday, August 29, 2008

What's Coming Up?

New recipes:

Banana Ice Cream w/ Strawberry Syrup
Mango, Carrot Lemonade
Raw Stir Fry
Salad Dressings
Strawberry Lemonade

Natural Remedies for:

Menstrual Cramps
Strep Throat

New Blog Post:
Will a Bar or Juice really give you Energy?
Cavities, Allergies, Obesity and your Body
I tell my children what they will eat, what about you?

Monday, August 18, 2008

The King & I: A Weight Loss Story

The King and I have lost over 100 lbs. together, I've only lost 30, he has beat me by a few pounds. I wore a size 16 and now I'm size 8, he wore a 6x but now he is wearing 3x. The King and I eat like royalty, only the best produce, organic of course! We eat until we are satisfied, not full, we don't like that feeling any more. We drink the richest, darkest greens in the land to our tummies delight. The Green Drink gives us power and strength and we seem to just put off the pounds that tied us down. The King and I enjoy being light on our feet. We dance, walk, jog and even bike now to a unified beat. The King and I don't eat the animals of the land, instead we enjoy all of the bountiful fruits given to us by mighty hands. The herbs, nuts and seeds they make beautiful dishes indeed. The King and I will enjoy our days by slicing, cutting, blending, dehydrating, mixing and stirring or way into health, happiness, balance, peace, and love. Happily ever after, means you'll be happy after something right? The King and I are happy after the meat, dairy, sugar, fast food, toxins, chemicals and pesticides no longer reside in our bodies.

You can write your own story and take control of your health, there is life after the Standard American Diet (SAD). The King and I wish you the best health ever!

Everything in Moderation, Right? Wrong!

Moderation for me leads to overindulgence, which leads to guilt, shame and often an upset stomach. I marvel at people who are able to eat just a bite of cheese cake and have no more. Maybe they didn't like it or could it just be their will power?

What would you rather be: totally healthy or just moderately healthy, enjoy complete vision or just see with one eye, have use of your legs but because of your heart condition it's dangerous to take too many steps?

If you feel like you do everything in moderation and it is good. The next time you catch a cold or have any illness please enjoy it with a smile and understand it's all in moderation. If we feast on what is not giving life to a living body then we welcome syptoms in "moderation of course" from dead foods that carry host just waiting to move into our bodies. The problem is those host don't know anything about moderation.

We are what we eat even in moderation.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cooking Up Cancer

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has filed a lawsuit to make California restaurants comply with a state law requiring businesses to warn consumers when their products contain a known carcinogen. (Chelly's note: The definition of carcinogen is: any substance or agent that tends to produce a cancer. According to the FDA all cooked foods contain carcinogens). The Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, passed by voters on a ballot initiative in 1986, helps keep toxic industrial pollution out of ground water, and also protects citizens' right to know when a cancer-causing agent is present in other edibles. One of these carcinogens, PhIP, forms when animal flesh is grilled at high temperatures. The most concentrated PhIP levels are found in cooked chicken, and PCRM maintains that the law must require restaurants to post "clear and reasonable warnings" on their food. President and chief executive of the California Restaurant Association Jot Condie says enforcement of the law would cause many restaurants "to take [chicken] off the menu". (Reuters)- found in VegNews Magazine July-August issue

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


No Bonez is the name of my future Cafe and Resource Center.  Wouldn't it be great to have raw fast food restaurants in every city in the country?  That way you would always have a healthy option.  No Bonez creatively prepares fabulous raw dishes packed with flavor and nutrition.  Raw catering for any occasion is also an option.  Rawfoodist don't eat animal flesh, hence the name "No Bonez".  Health is Wealth, without health you will not experience life in all of it's splendor! Raw! Yum!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Alive and Raw Cuisine

Feeling stuffed?  Did you eat to much?  Wouldn't life be grand if you could eat and feel great before, during and after each meal.  Gluttony is being greedy or excessive indulgence, overeating.  When you consume a raw diet you eat less and feel satisfied because of all of the fiber in raw fruits and vegetables.  Enjoying raw foods will allow you to eat less, enjoy immense flavor and grow healthier by the day!  Here is an awesome menu plan that anyone can follow. TBP = To Be Posted

Breakfast Options

Water until Noon
Fruit smoothie or vegetable juice
Fruit bowl sprinkled with Raw rolled oats

Lunch/Dinner Options (try to have one completely raw)

Large dark leafy green salad with chopped raw vegetables
Make a healthy raw salad dressing (recipe TBP)
Carrot salad (recipe TBP)
Coleslaw (recipe TBP)
Raw Tacos (recipe TBP )
Apple Treat (recipe TBP )
Raw Stir Fry (recipe TBP)
Always have large green salad before cooked foods
Very lightly steamed vegetables with brown rice
baked sweet potato with honey and cinnamon

Great Vita Mix Recipes

This is a quick way to make very popular fresh juices! Try to use organic ingredients when you can. This is my version of lemonade or apple juice. Place ingredients in container as listed. Enjoy!

Grape Ade or Grapple Juice

3 cups red grapes
1/2 lemon with rind or 1 gala apple
3 T honey
2 cups ice

Blend on high speed to liquefy.

Have some vegetable juice the Ginger way!

Carrot-Apple-Ginger Juice

3 cups red grapes
1 gala apple
2-3 whole carrots
1" piece of fresh ginger root
2-3 cups of ice, add gradually

Blend on high speed 2 minutes or longer to liquefy.

Get all of your essential servings of dark leafy greens in a glass or 3 a day.

Green Drink

3 cups of distilled, purified or filtered water
1/2 lemon with rind
1-3 apples
2-3 cups Ice

Blend on high speed, open lid plug and add next 2 ingredients:

2-3 leaves of any combination of 1-3 dark leafy greens or (1-2 full bunches)
2-4 bananas

Dark leafy greens: kale, spinach, chard, collards, dandelion greens, parsley, beet greens, carrot greens

**Amount of apples and bananas depends on how sweet you need your green drink, I only use one apple and one banana, you can also use other fruit, fresh or frozen. I make the green drink and the Vitamix is running on high speed until it is completely liquified. If you follow the steps above you will have a delicious Green Drink.***

Blend on high speed to reach desired consistency, touch container sides to check temperature & enjoy!!

Creamy Almond Shake

1 handful soaked almond
4-6 dates (Dates pits must be removed, check inside Date for small eggs! Yuk!)
2 T agave, optional
1 frozen banana
2 cups water

Blend on high to liquefy, sprinkle cinnamon on top and enjoy!!!