Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16, 2011 - I was born 37 years ago!! Wow!

Today is my birthday!

This last year of my life, I have had the awesome pleasure of learning so much about myself and all the things I still have to work on! Life is a process and as long as you are willing to go with it and do your very best, try something new when you fail and always remain a student there will be blessings along the way!!

I want to personally thank all of the special people in my life who encourage me and support me and enjoy what I have to say. "Little ole' me".

Thank you for supporting my classes, events, websites and stores!

Eating raw for almost 4 years now has been fantastic! I've had a huge change in weight, energy, stamina, health, radiance, peace and joy!

Click for never before seen: Chelly's Transformation

My children are having a ball today enjoying my birthday with me! Kids get excited no matter who's birthday it is, it's so funny!

Thank you for all the Happy Birthday shout outs! The one thing I love to hear is Happy Birthday 10, 000 times. My hubby Brown knows the deal, he tells me Happy Birthday constantly! I tell perfect strangers it's my birthday, I love it!!

I give the glory and honor to God for my life, all I have learned and for the opportunity to be in His will for my life!