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I've lost 47 lbs., I cannot believe it!                      
Size 16-18 to Size 4.
Shoe size 10-11, back to size 9

I enjoyed a vegetarian lifestyle for about 4 years eating 80% raw and 20% cooked.  Mindless eating, overeating and binging became a pattern even with those "healthier foods".  Eating a package of "healthy cookies" on my way home from the grocery store was a habit for me, with a bag of Lays Chips, their Vegan right?

After the birth of my children I was 187 lbs.  After transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle I reached 164 lbs., but I was eating vegan burgers, pizza, lasagna's and I stopped loosing weight.  I also noticed that my digestive track was not happy and "Easy like Sunday Morning".  I started to feel physically as if I'd eaten meat, but it was all wheat or soy fake meats.

I was first introduced to raw vegan food when I began to study the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle, Hallelujah Acres in 2003.  At that time just eliminating meat, dairy, sugar and processed foods was a huge undertaking.  The transition to raw and living foods would take some much needed time, research, study and food preparation training.

In 2004, I ate my last piece of an animal and have never turned back.  In 2007 I began to slowly enter the world of raw and will be raw for life!

I'm a 100% raw vegan or beegan to be exact, I love raw organic honey. My children and husband are 95% raw vegans.  For the last 5 years we have enjoyed raw cuisine and the awesome benefits of eating live foods!

As a Certified Raw Food Chef, Instructor and Teacher, I host Instructor and Teacher Raw Food Certification Courses through Alissa Cohen's Living on Live Foods Program, I offer Professional Raw Catering Services and Personal Chef Services, in Bergen County, NJ, Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia and the West Virginia area.  I also sell my raw vegan delights at Organico in Ramsey, NJ.  The food sells out the same day it's delivered!

Divine Health & Wellness opened it's doors in August 2009.  As the founder of my own Wellness Company, I work individually, with groups and corporately to help those who desire better health and wellness.  Visit Divine Health & Wellness for more information about my services.  Health coaching is just what the doctor ordered to help you discover how you may be getting in your own way.  We will take steps that are comfortable for you, starting right where you are.

I also love to dance and teach International Dance as well.  Teaching Zumba has allowed me to share my passion of movement and dance all while listening to rhythmes from around the world.  Zumba is all about bringing the party to your workout.  Join me in New Jersey for class. Zumba with Chelly