Monday, August 18, 2008

Everything in Moderation, Right? Wrong!

Moderation for me leads to overindulgence, which leads to guilt, shame and often an upset stomach. I marvel at people who are able to eat just a bite of cheese cake and have no more. Maybe they didn't like it or could it just be their will power?

What would you rather be: totally healthy or just moderately healthy, enjoy complete vision or just see with one eye, have use of your legs but because of your heart condition it's dangerous to take too many steps?

If you feel like you do everything in moderation and it is good. The next time you catch a cold or have any illness please enjoy it with a smile and understand it's all in moderation. If we feast on what is not giving life to a living body then we welcome syptoms in "moderation of course" from dead foods that carry host just waiting to move into our bodies. The problem is those host don't know anything about moderation.

We are what we eat even in moderation.


david said...

Hi Ruchelle, just getting into your blog. This is "Well fed Dave from High's Chimney Service at the Lanham Show". I am still 'recovering' from all that healthy food you served me!
If you want to see my blog, it's at I will be using our Vita Mix even more after your refresher course. Don't forget to try that Tomato Ice Cream recipe from your recipe book. It's especially good in the summer when you have lots of tomato's from the garden - you do have a garden right?
See you, say hi to the kids and your husband and thank them again for the help, and thank you for the food. David.

David the Silver Fox. said...

Everything in moderation has always been one of my favorite sayings. I never thought of it referring just to food, I'm not sure I even thought about it refferring to food period actually. Well maybe I did but certainly not just food. Everything. Just everything, not doing too much exercise, but doing some, driving fast but not excessively fast, having a hobby but not doing nothing else, watching TV but not to excess, if I have to take medication I take just enough - often cutting it in half, not taking two as I see some people doing (If one is good two must be better), one drink (alcohol) is fine I don't need two or six, I don't smoke any more but when I did - 45 years ago - I smoked about five a day, drugs - don't do em at all, not even in moderation!
Yep moderration in everything is my mantra. David.