Monday, August 18, 2008

The King & I: A Weight Loss Story

The King and I have lost over 100 lbs. together, I've only lost 30, he has beat me by a few pounds. I wore a size 16 and now I'm size 8, he wore a 6x but now he is wearing 3x. The King and I eat like royalty, only the best produce, organic of course! We eat until we are satisfied, not full, we don't like that feeling any more. We drink the richest, darkest greens in the land to our tummies delight. The Green Drink gives us power and strength and we seem to just put off the pounds that tied us down. The King and I enjoy being light on our feet. We dance, walk, jog and even bike now to a unified beat. The King and I don't eat the animals of the land, instead we enjoy all of the bountiful fruits given to us by mighty hands. The herbs, nuts and seeds they make beautiful dishes indeed. The King and I will enjoy our days by slicing, cutting, blending, dehydrating, mixing and stirring or way into health, happiness, balance, peace, and love. Happily ever after, means you'll be happy after something right? The King and I are happy after the meat, dairy, sugar, fast food, toxins, chemicals and pesticides no longer reside in our bodies.

You can write your own story and take control of your health, there is life after the Standard American Diet (SAD). The King and I wish you the best health ever!

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