Saturday, August 9, 2008

Alive and Raw Cuisine

Feeling stuffed?  Did you eat to much?  Wouldn't life be grand if you could eat and feel great before, during and after each meal.  Gluttony is being greedy or excessive indulgence, overeating.  When you consume a raw diet you eat less and feel satisfied because of all of the fiber in raw fruits and vegetables.  Enjoying raw foods will allow you to eat less, enjoy immense flavor and grow healthier by the day!  Here is an awesome menu plan that anyone can follow. TBP = To Be Posted

Breakfast Options

Water until Noon
Fruit smoothie or vegetable juice
Fruit bowl sprinkled with Raw rolled oats

Lunch/Dinner Options (try to have one completely raw)

Large dark leafy green salad with chopped raw vegetables
Make a healthy raw salad dressing (recipe TBP)
Carrot salad (recipe TBP)
Coleslaw (recipe TBP)
Raw Tacos (recipe TBP )
Apple Treat (recipe TBP )
Raw Stir Fry (recipe TBP)
Always have large green salad before cooked foods
Very lightly steamed vegetables with brown rice
baked sweet potato with honey and cinnamon

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