Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Common Market, Frederick, MD Raw Food Class

Giving Thanks for Raw Food with Raw Chef Chelly
Saturday, November 5 2-4 PM

The Holidays won't be difficult when it comes to eating this year. Come and enjoy a traditional, and very tasty Thanksgiving meal. Let the other family members gain the Holiday 15! Stay slim and trim with a delicious raw meal that will satisfy your Holiday Taste.

Raw foods give you energy so you won't feel tired and sluggish after this meal. The raw diet will help you lose weight, feel great and even reverse sickness and disease. The Raw Lifestyle should be "Just What the Doctors Order!” Class cost includes a full raw meal.

Chef Chelly is a passionate raw vegan chef who wants to inspire everyone to eat more raw foods! Raw foods are manufactured for your body with sun energy, minerals and nutrients that fuel your body daily. Living Raw foods provide 100% natural fiber and healing for total health and well being. As a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Chelly helps her clients to achieve a fulfilling life, optimum health and nutritional balance.

$30 for Owners, $35 for non-Owners

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