Wednesday, November 30, 2011


December 31, 2011 - The end of 2011 is near

Just 31 days away.

Get healthy, get the glow, increase your energy, be free of depression now.

What can you do right now to experience phenomenal change in your life immediately?

Need some ideas?

If you want to make a change and experience lasting results, let's talk.

Free Health Consultation:

1. What's your BMI?
2. How much should you weigh?
3. How much exercise do you need?
4. How much water should you drink?
5. How much time do you need for self care?
6. How are you getting in your own way?
7. What in the world should you eat?
8. What's the best way to deal with your most pressing issues?
9. Would you like clarification/alternate treatment regarding a recent diagnosis?
10. What can Coach Chelly do for you, help with career, relationships or spirituality?


2012 is the year to experience a multitude of blessings big and small!

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