Monday, August 12, 2013


A garden to live for!!!  Say hello to this beautiful balcony garden and my client of course.  Check out all of those lush greens.  It's easy being green at 72 years old.  Gardening keeps you young and vibrant.  This 72 year old lives alone, drives, prepares her own meals and is a blast to hang around.  She has a unique story, as we all do but she is an overcomer and she has triumphed to Victory!  As we continue to work together she continues to receive great positive updates from her doctor.   There is something about working in soil, inhaling the spores and working with the sun.  Producing a living harvest that can feed your body the nutrients is needs is a privilege and a right that everyone can and should enjoy.

Along with some individual flower pots she also used these growing kits from Home Depot.

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