Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Loved Lay's, but they've been replaced!!!

Spiracha Flavored Lay's
Have you tried them?  Ever wonder just how the flavor is made?  What chemical, scientist or factory created and perfected the science behind chip flavors?
Cheesy Garlic Bread Lay's
As if we don't have enough artificial dairy in our lives.  Aren't we maxed out on wheat, bread and gluten anyway?  I used to eat tons of garlic bread and chips, combined flavors is dangerous territory for me.
Chicken & Waffles Lay's 
*This one amuses me the most*
I'm not from the South, my people are.  I get the whole protein and carbohydrate tradition, but the tastes of the south packed into a potato chip? What is the goal here?  In order to participate in this contest and vote consumers need to purchase all three bags and try the chips.  How many bags do you think are being returned?  

Having flavored chips causes one to unconsciously feel as if they have had a meal!
How many people do you think will actually have a salad with Chicken & Waffle chips?

Deep Fried Potato Facts
1.  Acrylamide, a cancer causing, potentially neurotoxic chemical is created when carbohydrates are cooked at high temps
2.  Starch causes diabetes it is converted to blood sugar as quick as glucose
3.  Sugar sprinkled on fries and chips causes diabetes and it keeps you wanting more
4.  Salt sprinkled on fries and chips are high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke enhancers
5.  Frying detroys any nutrients, chips and fries are not nutritious at all, but that goes for breads, roasted breakfast cereals, processed snacks, coffee, toasted bread and bread crust.

Consider the source or scientist.  You have the choice of who and where to purchase your food.  You've only got one body, one life and one chance.  If you are compelled to try all that the stores have to offer at some point you may need all the pills and false remedies they offer as well. 

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