Monday, February 4, 2013

Daughter's are amazing!

My daughter has such a kind soul and spirit! She is truly a blessing to me and I'm honored to be her mother. I appreciate the awesomeness of having the opportunity to guide her and mold her so she can effectively navigate the waters of life. She will make some mistakes along the way but my goal is to always provide a Space that is comfortable for us to connect where she can be heard. I'm her mother and I'm so proud of that!

Do you share a close connection with your daughter? Do you force your life's ambitions onto her? Do you envy your daughters life? Do you celebrate your daughter, encourage her and tell her how beautiful she is? Do you give your daughter opportunities to be around boys and men and teach her how to remain a lady of grace and etiquette? Are you training your daughter to feel like she does not need a real man, that being a liberated women is better?

Ponder these questions. I want a God fearing, virtuous, daughter after Gods own heart!~

Do you know, have you shared what you want for your daughter lately?

Mother of one Precious Daughter

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