Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's New with You?

I thought I would ask because I'm getting ready to tell you what is new with me.

1. My home schooled children are in school this year. Let's just say I'm dealing with this decision.
2. You can now visit and be directed to all of my sites for recipes and health information.
3. I have been eating raw for 3 years, but 100% raw for 17 months now and there is no turning back. I love to eat raw.
4. Still working on my cookbook, I finally have a title, it is very cool!
5. My husband actually gained 40 lbs after introducing chicken and some cooked and processed foods into his diet after 2 years of eating 95% raw. He has now decided to go 100% raw again, but he would like to enjoy a vegan cooked Thanksgiving meal. The children and I will be eating raw. I share this personal information because my goal is to help you with your challenges, we all make choices in life, and we must deal with our own consequences. Loosing weight and preventing sickness and disease is tough, but a change in thinking and having help along the way is paramount. I have lost over 45 lbs, and 7 dress sizes. I no longer struggle with weight, fatigue, cravings, or emotional eating and I never get sick. If you do everything the way everybody else does, you will suffer the way everyone else does.
6. I am working on a new blog for Raw Food fun, I am currently doing a School Lunch Challenge. 180 days of Raw Lunches with pictures. You can feed your kids healthy and it does not take much work at all.

If you would like to now more about eating more raw foods and weight loss schedule a health breakthrough consultation with me. Visit

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