Sunday, June 6, 2010

Is Burned BBQ healthy for you?


I have not had any animal product off the grill in over 6 years, but the smells of summer are sweet. Who does not enjoy a BBQ and the delicious food enjoyed out doors?

I am a Raw Vegan but not the type that can not admit to how delicious the food was. Here is a question I've been pondering lately. Why do we eat cooked, warm, hot and spicy food in the summer, shouldn't we eat foods that cool, only? Of course we should! We don't however because it has been our TRADITION. We eat the food that is cooked outside instead of eating the food that grows outside in it's natural state, raw.

If you are eating your meals hot of the grill here are some health facts to consider:

-Take a High Dose of Vitamin C before eating BBQ or eat a salad with tons of lemon juice.
-Don't over cook your meats, BURNED-MARKED meat contains gene-mutating heterocyclic amines.
**Heterocyclic amines cause massive damage to your genes and have been linked to prostate, breast, colorectal, esophageal, lung, liver and other cancers.**
-A womens study in 1998 found that women who eat well cooked beef steak, hamburgers and bacon are at a 50% greater risk of Breast Cancer.
-Rare is just as dangerous, meat may contain E.coli causing hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) or sudden short-term kidney failure.
-Deep fried foods are just as dangerous and not the healthiest option.



There is so much to learn about our diets and lifestyle. Invest in your health and live your best days starting today!

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