Sunday, January 17, 2010

Corporate Health & Wellness Programs

In order for your employees to be in good health and lower your insurance cost, you may want to consider incorporating a Wellness Program.

A Wellness Program will help your corporation:

-lower absenteeism
-increase productivity
-lower insurance and health care cost
-increase employees desire to live a healthier lifestyle

I will consult with your employees as a group, and hold workshops and seminars that cover:
-Work/Life Balance
-Stress Management
-Eating for Energy
-Fun Healthy Snacks for Children & Teens
-Time Management
-Weight Management
-Office Exercise
-Smart Nutrition for Busy Professionals

Recently, I held a Healthy Eating Seminar for 35 employees at the Department of Commerce Federal Credit Union in Washington, DC. During the seminar healthy meals were prepared, the "Downside of Dairy" was discussed and how improper food combination leads to mid-day fatigue.

Thank you to all who came out! I look forward to seeing you all again!

Contact me if your Corporation would like to begin your very own health initiative.

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