Monday, January 11, 2010

Common Market Frederick, MD Saturdays Class!!!

Saturdays Class was such a blast!! Thank you to all who traveled from outside of the Frederick area! Thank you to Zoe for her professionalism and help! Thank you to all those who keep coming out!!! We celebrated the New Year with some delicious party foods that can be served in raw wraps, enjoyed with raw chips or added to a regular old salad.

I choked everyone in class simultaneously without laying a hand on anyone..............What a gracious host I was.

I have a Hot "Holapeno" opps, Jalapeno story for you.

It all began when I sliced and cored 5 Jalapenos with my bare hands. These were level 5 Jalapenos because it took about an hour and both hands were on fire for 48 hours. That means, anytime I ate, I burned my lips and tongue if I put my fingers to my mouth. I burned my eyes when putting in my contacts (I've got to switch to glasses, healthier) . I burned my childrens mouth, they licked my fingers too, they had to try it :). The back of my hands felt like I poured boiling water right on them after class. So, if after class you stopped to talk to me, guess what?!?, my hands were on FIRE!

Oh yes, and if you are wondering how I managed to choke the class, without touching anyone. Well, that my dear is a Jalapeno story as well. Oh and yes, I choked myself as well.

I decided to show everyone how to chop Jalapenos in the Vita Mix, I did not have to do that, I knew what would happen to me at least. I could have just chopped them by hand, preventing the agony. I may have made a few enemies. I chopped 5 Jalapenos in the Vita Mix and the Raw Natural Fumes choked the whole class at the same time for quite a while.

I am extremely sorry for making everyone choke. Try choking and presenting a raw food class! I also thought that would be a great ice breaker at a party, make everyone choke and laugh at the same time. You will definitely get your party started! Just tell everyone to move in close and then take the top of the Vita Mix and let the Jalapeno go!!! I'm sorry, I thought that was funny.

It is better than choking from cigarette smoke and laughing because you are intoxicated. :)

Okay, I'm done, I hope you got a good laugh enjoy your recipes and I hope to see you all in March. Take care of yourself, family and your health!

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