Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 The Good, The Great, and The Gorgeous year in Review

December 20, 2009: At 1:54 a.m. little Ryan Lamont Smith was born. I arrived just in time, but missed the birth. I wasn't the only one. This little baby waited on no one. He was born in my sisters jogging pants on a stretcher while being rushed to an open emergency room. My sister the Professional Chef I always talk about in class is doing well after a natural birth. I also took her placenta and made it into powder to put into pill capsules. Consumption of the placenta after birth stimulates milk production and helps to prevent postpartum depression. Animals in the wild do it all the time. Check out her website at Everything is made into a cake on her site, she has amazing talent.

November 2009: I served a Living Raw Vegan Thanksgiving Meal to over 40 people this year and everyone was pleasantly surprised. I also held Alissa Cohen Chef and Instructor courses, "Congratulations to all of my graduates this year".

October 2009: Health Fair at Victory Christian Church International in Gaithersburg, MD 11-2 p.m and then Candy, Candy, Candy at The Common Market in Frederick, MD from 3-5 p.m. You do the math! Who knew you could get full by eating healthy raw candy that taste like the real thing. Well, we did, you tried it and now we have no excuses! "I had only 1 group of kids ring my bell all night. Strange"!

September 2009: By far one of my busiest months of the year! I spent 14 days in Boston, MA selling Vita Mix machines. I taught 4 two-hour raw food classes in 4 days, traveled back and forth from Maryland and New Jersey 4 times in two weeks and ended the month with a 10 hour health fair. I started teaching Raw Food Classes at the Edgewater Whole Foods in New Jersey.

August 2009: My daughter turned 11 years old, she is my mini me and so much more! We celebrated her birthday at Seaside Heights Beach in New Jersey. My family and I presented the Vita Mix at the first Raw Spirit Festival in Washington, DC! This was one of my Summer Highlights! The best raw food ever was served at this outdoor festival. My husband met many raw foodist who have lost tons of weight and has decided to go 100% raw. Thank God! I must thank my children as well for being so helpful at my raw food classes this year! Thanks Chickens! (That is my pet name for my children, since we don't eat it we must at least be able to say it!)

July 2009: My son suffered a concussion July 1, 2009 playing outside with a friend, he survived. I catered my first Living Raw meal to 20 non raw foodist. They had rave reviews. I went to six flags with my family and we brought raw food to the park! They don't allow food in the park, but after a cooler search and the realization that they did not serve healthy food at the park that would fit into my diet, they allowed us to enter with our raw food. I had the awesome pleasure of visiting the Frederick, MD Costco to sell the Vita Mix, nice to see everyone again! My dental appointment revealed that I have reversed my pre-periodontal disease. Thanks to night time flossing and brushing and daily use of the water pik. This month I also started teaching Living Raw Food Classes at the New Whole Foods in Annapolis, MD.

June 2009: I love the hot summer months! I taught my second class at the Common Market in Frederick, MD. We had a ball, we were now on a roll with sold out classes and delicious living raw cuisine. I started teaching Raw Food classes at the New Whole Foods in Paramus, NJ.

May 2009: I did the Master Cleanse for 10 days and wrote about it on my blog. Check out my journal. The Master Cleanse is great for a spring time cleanse.

April 2009: I finally made the full transition into a Living Raw Food Lifestyle, which I would recommend at least 80% for everyone. April 19 is the exact day I started eating all raw. I feel great and now realize that once you fully go raw it really is not difficult and you really do feel the difference. My birthday month is April as well, I turned 35! Yippee!!

March 2009: This month was devoted to Vita Mix, I did 4 shows this month, 2 in Michigan and 2 shows in Maryland.

February 2009: My son broke his foot 3 days before turning 12, he was skate boarding and decided to jump 6 stairs. He is a natural in any sport he chooses. He learned this year that he is not tougher than concrete.

January 2009: New Jersey is our new home and we are slowly introducing ourselves to the city! I have to get busy in a new city and by the looks of it, I did!

Enjoy my No Bonez year in review!

Happy New Year to you and your family!!!!!

The Williams Family!
Christmas Morning in Detroit, Michigan

I hope you celebrated Christ for Christmas!

Be Blessed & Win in 2010!

Darrick, Ruchelle, Darrick Jr., & Daijelle

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