Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Meal Whole Foods Edgewater, NJ

Thank you to the New Jersey Gals that came out on Wednesday night, we had a ball, the food was delicious, it was my pleasure to serve you!

Thanksgiving meal time can be delicious, nutritious and overwhelmingly satisfying. I have had the honor of serving over 30 people a raw Thanksgiving Meal and I must say everyone was pleasantly surprised, from Maryland to New Jersey. My guests ate things they have never eaten raw, like sweet potatoes, enjoyed foods they don't like cooked, like Raw Kale, and who knew you could make a savory stuffing that does not go in the oven.  The classes also enjoyed an Apple Pie made in 10-15 minutes that taste better than the cooked version.

I think I have managed to convince a few people that eating a raw diet is totally satisfying and surprisingly easy! I have posted my Living Raw Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes down below in the recipe section. Enjoy them with your families this Holiday Season and don't miss my December class for great Christmas Recipes at The Common Market in Frederick, MD.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the desire to eat healthy, but Thanksgiving is here?

Have a Plan for the Parade!  Here goes:

1. Drink lots of water 2 hours before meal time, 32-48 oz.
2. Make a plate, then take half the food off and wrap it for the next day.
3. Share one piece of desert with someone else or do number 2. (Not that #2)
4. Bring your own healthy meal, prepare enough to last the rest of the week, (your healthy leftovers) and bring a healthy desert to share.
5. Traveling? Find a healthy market and prepare something great from my Thanksgiving Recipes, even one dish can be a satisfying meal.
a.  Please share why you are eating differently and the benefits or changes that you have noticed, and share my website with everyone :).
6.  Travel with your Vita Mix, you must not leave home without it, make green drinks daily, as if your life depended on it!
7.  Going home for the holidays often causes emotional cravings for comfort food!  Be on alert, ask yourself three questions before you indulge. 
1. Why am I having this craving? (Healthy or Emotional Craving)
  2. How will I feel after I eat this, is their a healthy substitute?
3.  Am I doing the greatest good to my body or do I care at the moment?

The decision is yours......................... 
What ever you decide accept your decision with love, peace and joy!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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