Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Level I Chef Certification Class

This class was so fun and the time flew by!! Thank you for attending this 4 hour intensive RAW FOOD class. We had a ball!!

Here are just a few thoughts from the class:
A BIG THANK YOU!!! That was a tremendous class, again you exceeded my expectations! I made the corn salad for dinner that night for friends. It was so good! Wish Level II was this weekend. It was great fun spending the day with you and all the delightful women in our class, not to mention all that we learned. M

- the more you learn the more you know we BETTER return to God's way of eating. Thought of you yesterday afternoon as I made the Collard wraps & guacamole - it was good but not as good as yours. And I must commend you again on the ease of your preparations, etc cause girl, my kitchen did NOT look like yours did - ha - but don't have a food processor used a chopper that kinda minced the carrot & zucchini - but again it was good - yesterday was an almost total raw day - 97%. Thank YOU for the presentation & the wisdom imparted - truly you DO show people raw is easy & delicious - be well - be greatly blessed - M

Hi, Chelly, Gosh, I don't know where to begin to say Thank You for such a great day. Your personality just added to the fun and also that of your daughter. What a sweet, polite young lady she is. It was so much fun to be around her. I learned so much today and was so surprised at the food items. I just had no idea what it would be like. Thanks for the encouragement and knowing that I can contact you if I have questions. Came home tonight and several of us went out for Pizza (of all things!!). First of all I surely wasn't hungry and didn't even sound good! Everyone wanted to know why I wasn't eating!! My glass of water was delicious and now I am going to bed and dream of all the good food you fixed today and think about what I can do about my eating habits. Thanks again. I know this is a lot of work for you but how nice of you to share your passion- J

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