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D is for Diabetes, but No Dairy = Cure

D is for Diabetes
"The National Dairy Board's Slogan, 'Milk. It does a body good,' sounds a
little hollow these days."
Scientific American, October, 1992
"Studies have suggested that bovine serum albumin is the milk
protein responsible for the onset of diabetes... Patients with insulin-
dependent diabetes mellitus produce antibodies to cow milk proteins that
participate in the development of islet dysfunction... Taken as a whole, our
findings suggest that an active response in patients with IDDM (to the
bovine protein) is a feature of the autoimmune response."
New England Journal of Medicine, July 30, 1992
"In lieu of the recent evidence that cow's milk protein may be implicated in
the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus, we believe that the Committee on
Nutrition should clarify whether cow's milk is ever appropriate for children
and whether or not infant formulas that are based on cow's milk protein are
appropriate alternatives to breast milk."
Pediatrics, July, 1992: 89
"Antibodies to bovine beta-casein are present in over a third of IDDM
patients and relatively non-existent in healthy individuals."
LANCET, October, 1996, 348
"Cow's milk proteins are unique in one respect: in industrialized countries
they are the first foreign proteins entering the infant gut, since most
formulations for babies are cow milk-based. The first pilot stage of our
IDD prevention study found that oral exposure to dairy milk proteins in
infancy resulted in both cellular and immune response...this suggests the
possible importance of the gut immune system to the pathogenesis of IDD."
LANCET, Dec 14, 1996
"Introduction of dairy products and high milk consumption during childhood
may increase the child's risk of developing juvenile diabetes."
Diabetologia 1994;37(4):381-387
"These new studies, and more than 20 well-documented previous ones, have
prompted one researcher to say the link between milk and juvenile diabetes
is 'very solid'."
Diabetes Care 1994;17(12)
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