Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Health Tips for the Newtown Experience
In light of the recent tragedy it would be remiss of me not to mention the many lives lost and families affected by the recent events that have demonstrated the lack of love in our society.
Love is a loaded word.  We express love in so many different ways.  Expressions of love come in different packages like the foods we eat, the way we nurture ourselves and our bodies and how we express love to close friends, family and perfect strangers.  Young Mr. Lanza did not love, felt no love and in the absence of Love their is a violent rage that can take a young mind and create a devil's workshop.  How can you forgive and appreciate and receive the blessing from such enormous sacrifice?
You may wonder how the word blessing can even be mentioned in light of such a huge loss.  You may wonder why I chose to talk about love and forgiveness.  The blessing in all of this is insurmountable faith building, more hearts turned to God when all hope is lost and relationships being changed for a lifetime.

When tragedy strikes a small town how can we "move on" (to me even those two words are harsh)?  Well, we have a choice to move on or continue to live.  You can continue on in bitterness and strife or in forgiveness and anticipation of life more abundantly.  Did you know you had a choice?  When these things happen I am able to lean, rely and depend on the One who made me.  Without my relationship with God, I'd be lost, stripped of hope.  Young Lanza had no hope.  God has already recorded how the world would be in the last days and every event is confirmation of it.  I can lean on God's truth's and be encouraged to live as a servant, obedient to his commands, always praying for those who need prayer and cannot pray for themselves.  Because of my relationship with God I know that Evil rules the world but God and his Love will reign supreme in the end.  Because of my faith, I know that those who lost loved ones and know God will be okay as they allow God & the Holy Spirit to comfort them.  Because of my faith, I know that I have so much work to do to lead others to Christ.  Because of my faith I can forgive Young Lanza and his family for being unconscious to the possibilities of what had been brewing in his heart.  Because of my faith, Young Lanza and his family I understand, needed to know the Love of God.

So, I forgive him, so that I can be forgiven!  I ask that God help me to Love more and use me as a vessel to share His Love with those that need it most.  Prayer is just talking to God, like he is your friend and according to His will he will answer.  If you are in need of comfort and you have never been told before, I want you to know that God loves you more than anyone on Earth could ever love you.  Life won't be perfect and we will go through some very rough times.  But God knows, He sees and He is Love.  Because He created Love, He does it best.  Forgive evil doers, guard your heart and begin a relationship with God so that you can experience a comfort that no man on earth could ever provide. 

To my Connecticut family.  God is with you, allow his mercy, grace and never ending spiritual power to embrace you.  Let fear go, be bold in knowing God is God. 

Here is the Lesson:  We all have something called "will" - it's our will to do or not to do.  Believing in God is a choice, doing good is a choice as well as doing evil.  We all have the right to choose at every moment of each day.  If we do not believe in a power greater than ourselves that will hold us accountable when it has all been said and done we will be more  apt to do unthinkable acts as if we are making a huge statement without any repercussions.  Believe me Adam is getting his, if only someone had shared the Love of Christ with him.  His soul will forever be tormented.  If you do believe in God, not the sun or the universe, then you know you have a purpose to do GOD'S will and HIS will is not to do evil, but good! 

Enough said, I pray that this has been a blessing to those that read it. 


Have a Blessed, Forgiving & Loving week!

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