Thursday, May 26, 2011



Take a moment and think about the people who are suffering. Everything may be going okay for you, but there are many people who are suffering with the economy, accidental injuries, poor health and relationship woes.

I pray for those who are hurting and who don't know which side is up right now. Life is a process and sometimes it can make a world of difference just saying a prayer for, "All those in need of prayer, who can not pray for themselves".

Make your life a happy and healthy one despite your circumstances, hardships shall pass.

As we near summer, cookouts, parties, family gatherings be careful, mindful and remain a conscious consumer. Remember just because we can buy everything does not mean we should consume all things.

We vote on our foods quality standards daily with our fork. You can make anything taste good. Pay attention to what you eat, whose preparing it and where it's coming from!

The hardest thing for me is to see old friends and family members aging rapidly, suffering from sickness and disease and deteriorating rapidly.

The old saying, "you are what you eat", is true. It does not mean if you have a burger, you are a burger. It does however mean you become the energy and life of that burger, which unfortunately is death!

Years and years of consuming the same foods eventually take their toll on your health. I want to grow old gracefully, shocking people as I do now when I tell them my age. I want to have fun now and 50 years from now. What goals do you have for yourself?

If you are having trouble with your personal goals, I can help you to get "unstuck".

Set up a Health Consultation with me.

Let's talk and rebuild your road to health and happiness.

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