Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Being Authentic In August

Authentic Defined: based on fact, accurate, reliable, made or done in a traditional or original way; of undisputed origin; genuine.

In order to be Healthy you must go back to the original or traditional way of eating and living. Make it simple, did you know that when eating a meal you should keep the ingredients under 5. Eating 5 or less will help to aid digestion for better absorption. Example: Eat a large green salad, but add only 4 other vegetables.

In order to have Energy throughout your day eat based on the facts. Meat, dairy, sugar, chemically treated and artificially processed foods wear your body out. The digestive system weakens and pulls resources from other vital organs, causing fatigue, mood changes and brain fog. When fasting or eating fruits and vegetables in their natural state you feel light, energetic and your mind is clear.

Crazy, Sexy, Cool
To be Crazy is easy, just don't be so serious all the time! Laugh and enjoy life even through the rough times! As we age, especially as women, we get quiet about our age. I say tell your age and add the word "Sexy"! I'm 36 and Sexy! See that sounds amazing! The word Cool comes at a price. What happens if your acting really cool, but you trip in front of a group of people? We must be able to go back to being crazy and laugh at ourselves. It's fabulous therapy.

I want to challenge you to make a decision regarding your health today. If you need help ask for it, I'm here for you. If you know what you need to do, do it and don't stand in your own way. If your family members need help, forward this Newsletter to them. We are all suffering from some ailment either large or small. I would like you to know that whatever it is, it does not have to be apart of your life forever. There is hope, but a brighter tomorrow requires a change starting today. Being Authentic requires traditional knowledge about health and wellness.

"The fact that we see what is past, as old, and what is new, as gold, will not help us in the end, when our stories have been told." Chelly

Enjoy your Authenic Self this August,

Certified Raw Vegan Chef
Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach
Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Official Zumba Dance Instructor

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