Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dear Blog,

So, I have not written in a while. Been Busy, what can I say!! I have lots to tell you. For starters, I woke up this morning and made a mexican flavored breakfast scramble, a salmon pate, jalapeno lime corn chips, and croutons!! Everything is all raw, organic and vegan of course. I also made green drink! We are going to Great Adventures on Monday and since we don't eat traditional amusement park food, we must go prepared. So, I've started early so we can eat like the Kings and Queens that we are!

I have a testimony......some good news........a miracle to I told you so moment!!!!!

All of those and a bag of raw chips!!!!!

In the search box of my blog, type in "oil pulling". Read that post about my dental appointment and what I was told. Sept. 2, 2008 Post

For starters I did the oil pulling for about 3 months. I did not notice any results, many people have, so I'm not knocking it.

In April, 2009 I purchased a Water Pik, it works just like the tool your dental hygienist uses to squirt water onto your teeth when being cleaned. For 3 months I have flossed ( first off, I've flossed my teeth for 17 years daily), brushed my teeth ( using toothpaste with no fluoride, Nature's Gate/Toms) and I have used the Water Pik (which still removes food even after flossing).

Three Months............**Floss**......**Brush**......**Water Pik** Before Bed, missed 3 nights

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE * I already posted a blog on flossing, but it is best to FLOSS AT NIGHT, a dark mouth is the perfect environment for bacterial growth. Of Course follow with brushing and YES, I brush in the morning, also!!

If you were not able to read my post from Sept. 2, 2008 here is an update: My dentist wanted me to have underneath my gums scrapped and the antibiotic arestin applied to prevent bacterial growth and the advancement of what had already started, periodontal disease (gum disease).

I refused, he yelled at me, "You have gum disease, if you don't do anything about it, it will only get worse. Diet has nothing to do with it!!!!", said Dr. Zaner. Jan. 2008

July 24, 2009: Dr. Zaner said, "Your gums look wonderful, beautiful color, what ever you did keep doing it, it's not there now. They look great!"

As the hygienist cleaned my teeth she said, you have no bleeding at all, that is the first sign of disease, you have no swelling, your diet and preventative care is working, you have prevented the bacteria from growing! All signs of gum disease reversed!!!

So let's review the obvious, shall we????

I eat 100% raw organic vegan food, I floss nightly, brush twice a day and use the water pik nightly. I had gum disease and in Jan. 2009 was told to have the scrapping done and antibiotics applied to kill the bacteria and prevent more growth.

I refused.........because God knows best........and here I am bleeding swollen gums.........just a healthy mouth!!!

Now, just who do I have to thank for all of these blessings??????????????? Only God!!!

No antibiotic, no surgery, no chemicals, no drugs, no cooked food, nothing can do for me what God can.

Coincidentally: He gave us fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds!!!!!!

Good Bye Gum Disease!!!!!


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