Thursday, April 9, 2009

Somethings I want to Share

Life is too short to be angry, insecure, bitter, unforgiving, rude and selfish!

My neighbor of 3 years died in a car accident last Thursday, leaving behind her twin girls and her husband!

What are you angry about?  Does it matter?  Can you let it go?  Try to replace the anger with peace and thankfulness just to see another day!

Easter is coming!!  Resurrection Day!  Remember the reason for the season, not jelly beans or bunnies!  Enjoy your time with your families!  Say a special prayer for my neighbors family, please!

At the premiere of Tyler Perrys new play "The Marriage Councilor" this past Tuesday, I thought of these things to share.  

**Marriage takes work, you and your spouse must choose to fight for your marriage and remove divorce from your vocabulary.**

**Our Mothers & Fathers- we only get one, renew your relationships now, before it is too late.**

Because God has called me to teach here is something else I wanted to share:

Gum disease is caused by bacterial buildup and most of it happens at night!!

Floss, Floss, Floss always at night, at night time it's nice and dark in your mouth, the perfect environment for bacterial growth.  After flossing follow up with brushing and a good antibacterial mouth wash.  Enjoy a fresh mouth in the morning, of course after brushing again!!

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