Friday, December 5, 2008

Let's Talk about the Church

How can we share the message of the Gospel if we are on the same medications as everyone else, overweight and sick and tired all the time?

Church is supposed to represent God's people, holy and set apart, operating in peace, love, kindness and generosity toward others. How can we accomplish this if the people of the Church are just as sick, overweight and tired as everyone outside of the Church. We know the divorce rate in the church is almost the same as outside of the church and unfortunately our eating habits are equal in that regard as well. Would you agree we need to change? If you'd like a loving wake up call for your church or group I would love to be the voice on the other end. Once we hear the word and our eyes are free to see, we then are responsible for what we hear and understand. Allow God the opportunity to fine tune your eating habits, put God back in the drivers SEAT when it comes to what you EAT!

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